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Therapy and Philosophy

Gestalt Therapy is a relational and experiential psychotherapy that promotes growth in the client by expanding the client's awareness, nurturing the client's innate creativity, developing the client's resilience, and supporting the client's authentic wants and needs. It is a humanistic approach that supports the client in his or her own cultural identity while recognizing consequences, conflicts, and possibilities of being authentic in the broader culture.

Gestalt is a psychology term which means "unified whole".

Phenomenology, a philosophical movement originating in the 20th century, the primary objective of which is the direct investigation and description of phenomena as consciously experienced, without theories about their causal explanation and as free as possible from preconceptions and presuppositions.

Phenomenology is the study of experience and how we experience. It studies conscious experience from a subjective or first-person point of view, along with its "intentionality". That is the way an experience is directed toward a certain object or objects in the world. It includes a broader analysis of how experience involves motor skills and habits, background social practices and, often, language.

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